Monday, October 17, 2011

Mothering the Mothers

Mothering the mothers
Becoming their friends
Walking beside them
To the journey’s end

Instructing and guiding
Giving them a choice
Letting them realize
They do have a voice

Preparing for birthdays
The beginnings of new life
Hoping it is stress-less
To reduce mom’s strife

Receiving “the call”
And calming our mom’s
Standing beside them
While easing their qualms

The fathers' expecting
They know not what
Afraid of rejection
Yet wanting to be part

Dancing all together
Mommy, daddy and me
Easing her pain
As it was meant to be

Mom is now nearing
Delivery’s greatest joy
Dad is supporting
Doctor says, “It’s a boy”

Daddy delivers
His son to mom’s breast
Smiling ear to ear
Knowing they're truly blessed

Still reassuring
The mothers and the dads
When all have returned home
To the life that they had

The teaching still continues
As Mothers learn to be
Mommies and yet lovers
As two is now three

Yes there may be struggles
As months turn into years
But families learn together
Through the laughter and the tears

And I will be there for them
When they journey once again
To be their loving Doula
Their neighbor and their friend.


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